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Mike Wale@ 5:22pm 07-07-2010
Why do we need this bit of the network joining up? Ok , I must plead guilty to being someone who only uses the more urban parts of the waterways system to get to the nice bits on the other side, but I can't see the point of this. Even if these canals do get restored I couldn't see myself using them because the bits of Walsall and Brownhills in between are quite depressing enough. The route wouldn't match the one we can do now via the Trent and Mersey and the Staffs and Worcester for beauty, wildlife and tranquility.
roy martin@ 9:12pm 05-07-2010
Drop in on your site now and again to see how things are going. I worked on Dud tunnel and Park Head locks 1968-73 and BCNS Titford and Winson Green. Just a little bit to far to participate but all the best.
Replied on: 9:52pm 05-07-2010

Thanks Roy, If you're ever passing with a shovel in the boot come and give us a hand.

melvyn@ 7:15pm 05-03-2010
your doing a brilliant task,it must be very satisfying-and must make you feel proud when you discuss your achievements.
Replied on: 8:12pm 05-03-2010

Thanks for your comments Melvyn. We appreciate your support.
Sue Williams, Webmaster
Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust

Paul Ost@ 9:28am 04-11-2010
Good luck in everything your doing. Very keen to see more canals restored and opened.
Save Our Canals & Waterways!/group.php?gid=173872492699
mick powis@ 7:27pm 04-09-2010
after moving from walsall in 1981to leicestershire we still make a fornightly journey to bloxwich to visit family when the M6 toll was being built we wondered why a bridge was put in going nowhere until now after seeing the bbc news which mentioned it .solved a long running question. good luck to you all
Sue@ 8:13am 03-21-2010
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JOHN MCGEE@ 7:28pm 07-20-2009
I live in Walsall and have been following your progress for some time, I was originally a Steam loco fanatic but that changed after studying British Social Economic History, especially the Canal Mania era and the reading of 200 books or so. To restore the wonderful engineering feats, built with the most primitive tools, designed by geniuses of the day will be truly magnificent. I wished I was in a position to help financially, such a project deserves backing. Sadly my local council looks upon the canals in the same vein as the ignorant who abused them in the borough. Good luck in your ongoing objective.
Replied on: 7:59pm 07-20-2009

Hi John. Thanks for your message on our Guestbook and your good wishes. Take heart, Walsall Council does appreciate its canals and has been quite helpful to us in our restoration project. We always welcome new members if you should feel inclined to become one. Physical input is not a requirement, in fact most of our 1700+ members are armchair contributors and we are glad to have them all! Our quarterly members' magazine will keep you up to date with progress. Thanks again for your interest.

Roger Flay@ 9:49am 05-02-2009
I live in South Africa emigrating from the UK in1975 most of me spare time was spent on the Kennet and Avon Canal from Hungerford to Chippingham,one of my favourite spots in winter was Crofton close to the beam engine pumping station.I found your web site most interesting great photo's bringing back many memories
Rupert Richardson@ 1:56am 02-06-2009
Interesting to see where my Great Great Grandfather lived and owned the mill at Darnford. Sold and moved to Station Rd 1859 era. Next generation owned City Mills. Thence to the U.S. and Canada
George Sheard@ 7:39pm 02-05-2009
great photos and maps thanks to every one i wish my health would allow me to help.It would be nice to sail my boat along the L&H or part of it. thank to you all for your hard work
george a member of the Fradley junction Club
Pete Gilson@ 9:05pm 01-29-2009
Hi Sue, Bob 'n all.!
Had to move away (Lincs) but keeping an eye on your progress. Keep up the great work everyone, hope to 'chug' through one day in the not too distant future!!
Replied on: 11:41pm 01-29-2009

Hi Pete. Great to hear from you. Do let us know if you're in the area - maybe we can meet up. Sue

Cheryl Tocco@ 3:55am 01-02-2009
When I was a small child in 1951 - 1952, I lived for time at Muckley Corner with my Grandparents. We would often walk to the canal to see the beautiful swans and look for the small frogs along the bank. It was near to a bridge. Is this the same bridge in the photo which shows it has been filled in? Are you planning to reconstruct the canal in that location? My husband and I visited Lichfield, Muckley Corner and Wall this past spring. What a beautiful place! And the people were SO friendly! This is a wonderful site! Thank you for creating it. Cheryl Tocco, Washington State, USA
Replied on: 9:47am 09-03-2009

Hi again Cheryl
You left a message on our website guestbook earlier this year and I have had an enquiry from John Crowe who was also a small child living at Muckley Corner in 1951 (and still lives there). He was wondering whether he might have known you and your grandparents and asked me if I could find out their names and your maiden name. Would you be willing to let me know?

Dear Cheryl

Thank you for your message and your kind remarks, it's so nice to know that people across the Atlantic are interested in our project. To answer your question, the channel on either side of the bridge near Muckley Corner (Moat Bank Bridge) has been filled in but the bridge itself has not. We certainly hope to restore the canal in that area (eventually!)
I'm glad you enjoyed visiting Lichfield.

Bob Williams@ 4:00pm 12-02-2008
I was looking on the Internet for any canal restoration company that could do the ST pipe and landed here, attracted by the moving banner!

No need to send details!
Webmaster@ 1:57pm 11-23-2008
Welcome to our new Guest Book. Thanks for visiting the Lichfield & Hatherton website. If you like it please leave a message - we do like to know who's been visiting!

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