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'face in a crowd'@ 8:29pm 05-21-2011
hi we met one of your representatives at the brilliant site in Lichfield, we know occasionally you hold events and would like to contribute our services , better at face painting than bricklaying so it seemed wise to offer this rather than the other.
Replied on: 9:09pm 05-21-2011

Hello Nigel. Thanks for contacting us via our website Guestbook. We do already have someone doing facepainting at our boat gathering in September, but if you would like to email more details to I might be able to pass it on to organisers of other local events.

mr steven roberts@ 9:06pm 05-19-2011
hello lov to know if u still need any volunters to help out with restoration,clean up etc please feel free to contact me or ring me on 01543 573186.
Replied on: 9:03pm 05-21-2011

Steven, thanks for your message on our guestbook.
Volunteers are always welcome. I have passed your message on to Bob Williams who will get back to you.

Ian@ 7:50pm 03-15-2011
Looking forward to the re-watering of this section - a historic moment which will hopefully be generously covered by the Lichfield Mercury etc. I'll have to get my inflatable canoe onto the waterway to be the first to use it.....
Ian@ 12:53am 03-12-2011
As of today, March 12th, I have noticed the past few days that work is visible from the A38 north and south bound carriageways.
My very best wishes for this current stage of the restoration works.
Hopefully "Dave", who obviously has never seen a "bombsite", lives by the proposed HS2 route which will give him something more important to complain about - if he prefers 4mph narrow boats to 250mph trains!
Replied on: 5:03pm 03-14-2011

Thanks for your kind remarks Ian.
We shall see water in a section of Tamworth Road very soon now. Getting the funding together with all the necessary consents takes a lot longer than the actual work does, but it will all be worth it!

Bob Williams@ 6:47pm 02-07-2011
February 2011 will see a major change to the Lichfield Canal beside Tamworth Road, Lichfield when McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd complete restoration of the section between Locks 25 and 26 permanently in water. Visitors can view the works from the public access point by Lock 25. A formal inauguration is planned for later in the year.
Sue@ 1:09pm 01-03-2011
Good Luck to the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust for another successful year in 2011.
Dave@ 7:40pm 11-11-2010
Hello Susan,
Interesting to note that since my last communication with you that very little has happened on your guestbook since almost 2 months ago?
Anyway, down to business, good to see while driving past that your team has been down Tamworth Road and cleared all the rubbish away, making it look less like a building site, and more like a piece of the country. Good news indeed.
When pray, can we expect to see water in this part of the canal "restoration project"?
In anticipation of a reply,
I remain Dave, Lichfield (South) Resident
John S@ 10:20pm 10-04-2010
Thanks Sue - I have forwarded the original mail to your address -
John S@ 8:24pm 10-04-2010
Attn Sue Williams,

I tried to leave a message on the guest book a few days ago but it doesnt seem to have worked - probably because I didnt enable JavaScript for before I pressed 'send' !

Sue I sent Bob Williams an e-mail a little over 3 weeks ago, copied to you (as secretary) in respect of progress and my interest on the restoration but have had no response - perhaps it was lost as spam or looking at some slightly intemperate postings at the same time here perhaps it was mistaken for something else..

Anyway my interest is genuine and I would like to follow up. If my original e-mail to you has been consigned to the bin then I will happily re-send. You can let me know here one way or another.

Best Regards
John S
Replied on: 9:55pm 10-04-2010

Hi John. Your original email does seem to have got lost. Can you send it again?

dave@ 7:12pm 09-17-2010
Hello Susan,

We note, that some 24 hours later, there is no response from your department? Remember the world is watching.
Kindly advise which projects your organisation has finished, ie.,last brick in place, & on schedule?
Also, please provide a list of projects which are on-going, including the 1 in Tamworth Rd., and when the completion date is due. That will do for a start, and be something that the generous public can measure your organisation on, and whether it is, fit for purpose.

Thank you.

Dave, Lichfield Resident.
Replied on: 10:12pm 09-17-2010

Dave if you really want answers to your questions I suggest you phone me on 01543 671427. I am not prepared to carry on a discussion with you on our guestbook. Any other comments from you will be deleted.

Dave@ 9:12pm 09-16-2010
Thank you Susan for providing me with a reply.
Anyone who reads my note and then reads your response will note that you have dodged the question. Try answering the question, and telling us all please Believe me, there are a lot of residents in South Lichfield who would like to know when the bomb site on Tamworth road, is finally to be cleared or completed. And or provide completion dates for all the various projects which your organisation or lack of it as seen fit to inflict on lichfield and, not to complete? Maybe when your organisation, shows a bit of "organisation" and actually complete something, then maybe, just maybe you will attract a wider audience of "doers" and not "sayers", which regretably, makes up the majority of your organisation. or seemingly, that is how it would appear.

Thank you,


Lichfield (South) Resident.

Prove me wrong, produce some completion dates, and lets see if you can stick to them.
In the meantime tidy up the bomb site at Tamworth Road for the benefit of all the local residents, and then hopefully, restore the true value of the houses up and down this delightful road.
Dave@ 7:42pm 09-16-2010
Hi Mr Chairman,
As my last message was ignored, maybe this time I will get a response, (doubtfull). I believe that the residents of Tamworth Road have been over looking your messy building site for about 20 years. Was the original planning concent granted on the basis of a completion date or do you folk just swan on regardless, starting one project after another, without finishing what you have already started and no due regard to anyone except yourselves?



Lichfield Resident.
Replied on: 8:42pm 09-16-2010

Dear Dave ( time I am leaving your message in the Guestbook for others to see. We at the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust are proud of the many achievements we have accomplished since we began the job of restoring these two canals. Our volunteers put in many hours of unpaid labour, not only on site but also in planning and discussion meetings, fund-raising and marketing. We, and many others, believe that a restored canal will bring environmental, economic, cultural and recreational benefits to the city of Lichfield. If you want to know more about us why not become a member?
Sue Williams, Secretary, LHCRT

Jaap Boersema@ 9:05pm 08-12-2010
An article bij my friend Hugh Potter made me look at your beautiful website.
I'm interested in canals and shipping as well in the Netherlands as in England, Wales and Scotland.
I sailed already on the waterways in GB.
Look at my website:
I stil work as lockmaster, skipper and tourleader on cruise on inland waterways.
Succes with restoring the Lichfield.

Jaap Boersema
Nieuwegein, NL
Andrew Norris@ 7:57am 07-29-2010
Mike Wale, there can be beauty found in urban areas as well as rural areas. Having been born and raised in Birmingham, I have come to appreciate the city's industrial heritage, and have a great respect for the urban waterways as well as rural waterways.

In addition to this, I personally feel that this new part of the network is sorely needed to reduce congestion on the canals already in place, just as we need new railways to reduce commuter congestion on our hopeless road network. I myself have seen how busy canal traffic can get around Gas Street in Birmingham, and if the Lichfield and Hatherton canals can help to ease off some of that traffic, then the trust has my fullest support.
Maddy Tite@ 10:32pm 07-11-2010
I couldn't disagree more with Mike Wale. There are some fabulous stretches of canal in the Walsall & B'hills areas. It is a FASCINATING region with some of the best heritage on the waterways. The T & M and Staffs & Worc are INCREDIBLY busy. I live in Pelsall and would love the chance to 'shortcut' onto the Cov Canal through what will be a superb ring offering so much more that the popular and over-used routes.

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