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Craig Humphries@ 4:59pm 03-04-2012
Thank you for the info re site access, much appreciated. Enjoyed the Tamworth Road stretch very much. Need to revisit the others now. Is the Fosseway Lane site a through path, or do you need to retrace your strps back to Fosseway Lane? And is access easy as I passed by the old level crossing ,saw your sign board but wasn't sure how to get in. One last question re,Darnford it possible to walk through to Cappers Labe Bridge? Many thanks for your help, best wishes, Craig
Craig Humphries@ 3:17pm 03-03-2012
Hello there. Absolutely fascinated by the derelict stretch of the Wyrley and Essington. Can you advise is there public access to the lock by Fosseway Lane ,no18 I believe. Also, is the public allowed on the Darnford Lane site? Amy info much appreciated. Best wishes. Craig
Replied on: 5:19pm 03-03-2012

Hello Craig
Thank you for your interest in our restoration project. In answer to your questions, yes - there is full access to our sites at Tamworth Road, Darnford Park and Fosseway Lane, in fact local residents and dog walkers are frequent users.

Tony Mac@ 11:14am 03-02-2012
hi i would like to ask a question if you dont mind. when excavating for the new watered section on the tamworth road site did you come across the original clay lining of the lichfield canal or find any archaeological artifacts from the old canal? the site is a fantastic thing to see and a real credit to canal restoration....
Replied on: 5:14pm 03-03-2012

Hi Tony
Thanks for your interest. In answer to your questions - a small amount of clay was found but no archaeological remains except the handle of an old shovel!

Ron Farr@ 3:18pm 02-20-2012
I am the son of the last Lockkeeper at Calf Heath,now living in Paignton, Devon,and approaching 80 years of age! I spent 26 years being involved in the canal life, and remember many and varied events, including the Wartime period, and seeing the last coal barge pass through the locks. If I can help with that period of history ? Best wishes.
kevin field@ 8:49pm 01-04-2012
If you require any volunteers on the restoration project drop me a line on my email
Replied on: 11:46pm 01-04-2012

Hello Kevin. Volunteers are always welcome. Workparties usually start at about 10am on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at Tamworth Road in Lichfield. For more information phone Bob Williams on 01543 671427

kevin field@ 8:45pm 01-04-2012
hi there Was up at the A51 /A38 Junction today and was amazed at the proposals to install the canal under both the A38 and A51
child like mind@ 9:58am 11-19-2011
i prefer the canal in its present state, its more interesting looking for bits of it and imagining how it was..
flod@ 6:22pm 11-13-2011
Just come across your website and am really considering doing some volunteering for your project.....................
Replied on: 7:15pm 11-13-2011

Hello. Great to hear from you. If you are serious about volunteering give us a call on 01543 671427.

Clive Davies@ 11:47am 11-13-2011
Good luck in your efforts, hope to bring my boat down your canal "one day"
anthony@ 10:30am 11-10-2011
at the age of 50 am i likely to walk, cycle or navigate in my lifetime the lichfield canal from the ogley hay junction to huddlesford junction as a restored waterway?
dave@ 12:23pm 10-09-2011
How come you have not purchased the property 'the long pond' which has been to auction unsold and have been forsale on the market? as your plan your canal stright through this property?????
Replied on: 8:00pm 10-10-2011

Simple answer Dave - we don't have the money.

Hugh Tyson@ 11:01am 09-06-2011
Dear Sirs, are your aware that some irresponsible hooligan has barged through the hedge by Lock 18 and dumped tons of waste on the towpath?


Hugh Tyson
Replied on: 11:36am 09-06-2011

Thanks for letting us know Mr Tyson. No, we were not aware of this. We will investigate.

Hugh Tyson@ 11:01am 09-06-2011
Dear Sirs, are your aware that some irresponsible hooligan has barged through the hedge by Lock 18 and dumped tons of waste on the towpath?


Hugh Tyson
general query@ 1:29pm 06-27-2011
hi folks, how come the section of the wyrley and essington canal from ogley hay to huddlesford (now lichfield canal) became unused to the point of infilling and almost lost forever? it is obviously or will be an important connection to the midlands waterways. what is left of it passes through some nice countryside.
tony mac@ 5:34pm 06-23-2011
wow it looks like journey from new oscott on the train to see watered section for me...i am an avid canal fan and have been following restoration of lich canal for sometime (visiting accessible parts etc..) all the best

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